Creating Posts on

Creating Posts: Under the User Menu on the right sidebar, you can Create posts.

This page will later have advice on posting different types of content, but for now…

Text or Image Content

For normal posts with just text and/or images, go to Create and just enter a Title and your Content. Go to the bottom and hit Submit, or Save Draft. (Your Drafts will appear as Offline posts in your Dashboard.)

Post Options

Featured Images are the display-image for a post. They usually appear at the very top of your post, and when your post is previewed from other parts of the site. You can only have one Featured Image per post, but you can put as many normal images in the body as you like.


Categories are the general type of your content, and you can usually only pick one, so pick the one that you think fits best. Some categories are subcategories of another, like Beats and Instrumentals are subs of Music, but you can put your post into whichever of these.


Tags are keywords that describe your content. Unlike Categories, you can have as many of them as you like, but it’s best not to have too many (maybe 6-12, give or take.) Tags that are popularly searched-for or used by other members or internet users make the best Tags.

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